Going In While Staying Out: How IMP Students Helped Change Medical Education During COVID-19
April 28, 2021
When COVID-19 shut down in-person medical simulations at the IMP, Riley Reel and Kevin Gunther (IMP Class of 2023) developed a hybrid model that offers students realistic learning while following public health orders. Read More >

IMP Alumna to Deliver Mindfulness Keynote
April 23, 2021
Dr. Maia Love (IMP Class of 2008) will be a keynote speaker at this year’s BC Mindfulness Summit. Read More >

Celebrating CaRMS Match Day 2021
April 22, 2021
The IMP Class of 2021 celebrated their next steps on CaRMS Match Day. We chat with a few members of the class to learn what excites them most about their residency programs and the communities where they’ll be training. Read More >

Using the Past to Inform Today’s Healthcare
March 24, 2021
Emma Woo (IMP Class of 2021) has published a case study describing how looking at the past realities of blood transfusions helped discover the source of incapacitating pain in a patient with hemophilia. Read More >

Shan and Anika’s Journeys to the IMP
March 23, 2021
Shan Rajapakshe (IMP Class of 2023) and Anika Brown (IMP Class of 2024) recently appeared in a UVic podcast to speak about their individual journeys to the IMP. Read More >

Improving Health Literacy in Canada with Mini-Med School
March 23, 2021
Samuel Harder and Sergiy Shatenko (IMP Class of 2019) have published research showing Mini-Med School, a lecture series delivered by medical students, could be an effective way to increase health literacy in Canada. Read More >

New IMP Scholarship Pays Tribute to Longtime Island Surgeon
March 16, 2021
In memory of Dr. Michael Ross, the Victoria Medical Society and surgeons of South Vancouver Island have created a scholarship for IMP students pursuing a career in surgery Read More >

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