IMP Class of 2022 celebrates Match Day

Radu Pasca

Matched to Family Medicine, Victoria (UBC)

I am extremely excited to be able to continue my medical training in Victoria! I built long-lasting connections in the area during my four years of medical school at the Island Medical Program and have seen the importance of these longitudinal relationships in creating positive health outcomes for the community. My main goal in residency is to give back to the communities that helped me get to where I am, and the Victoria Family Medicine residency program is the perfect opportunity to do so.



Liz Burden

Matched to Internal Medicine, Vancouver (UBC)

I’m most looking forward to the UBC Internal Medicine residency program’s dedication to teaching, and the opportunity to learn alongside such a talented group of co-residents. Plus, getting to continue my training in beautiful BC is a dream come true!






Sahil Mann

Matched to Internal Medicine, Vancouver (UBC)

I couldn’t have asked to be matched to a better city. I’m excited to be going back home to my family and have their support. I’m also getting married in about three months time, and being able to be here with my partner is just awesome. And, of course, the West Coast is the best coast and I can’t wait to keep exploring all of the outdoor activities that we have in our backyard!