Become Clinical Faculty

What Do Clinical Faculty Do?

Clinical faculty are teachers, both physicians and health professionals, who educate Island Medical Program (IMP) students and inspire them to stay and practice in BC.

Clinical faculty teach students in all years of the program. They’re located in communities across Vancouver Island, and they practice in many different health settings, from hospitals to small clinics and physician offices.

How Do I Teach with the IMP?

To teach with the IMP, you first need a UBC clinical faculty appointment. To start the appointment process, see the instructions in the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Once you have an appointment, you can then apply for teaching positions. Visit our Teaching Opportunities page to see what’s available.

Please note: You must intend on teaching to be eligible for a clinical faculty appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a UBC clinical faculty appointment and how do I qualify?

Accreditation standards require all physicians who supervise UBC students to hold a UBC clinical faculty appointment (CFA). A CFA is also required to receive compensation for teaching UBC students.

In order to qualify for a CFA, you must:

  • be currently teaching or indicate a willingness to teach;
  • have demonstrated competence in clinical practice;
  • have a desire to relate your practice to teaching;
  • be a current member of your Health Professional Association;
  • have the support from your IH Section or Department Head;
  • be recommended by the IMP’s Regional Associate Dean.

To hold a CFA, you must prove, through teaching hours and evaluations, a minimum academic contribution over a two-year period.

How do I apply?

Please contact:

Niobe Getty
Faculty Appointments Administrator

How long does the appointment process take?

The Clinical Faculty Appointment and Promotion Committee, located at UBC in Vancouver, is responsible for decisions on the appointment, reappointment, and promotion of clinical faculty.

Official appointment can take two to four months. However, once your appointment application has been submitted, your appointment is considered “in process,” meaning you’re eligible for compensation.

View appointment policies

Do I receive compensation for teaching?

As a clinical faculty member, you may be eligible for compensation. Teaching activities are compensated in accordance with the Faculty of Medicine Policy on Clinical Faculty Appointments.

Compensation Terms for Clinical Faculty
Teacher Tracking & Payment

Are there any additional benefits?

As a clinical faculty member, you’re eligible for a variety of perks.

You also have access to free professional development workshops through Faculty Development. These workshops focus on leadership, clinical reasoning skills, communication, and much more.

View the complete list of UBC benefits
Faculty Development

Where can I get more information?

Visit the UBC’s Becoming Clinical Faculty page.

Affiliate Appointments with the UVic Division of Medical Sciences

Once approved for a UBC clinical faculty appointment, you may also be eligible for an affiliate appointment with UVic’s Division of Medical Sciences.