Creating Brave Spaces for Learning
As a Clinical Teaching Associate, Audi uses his own body to teach IMP medical students how to perform sensitive examinations respectfully, safely, and inclusively. He also facilitates a learning space where his students’ curiosity and his consent and lived experience as a trans patient are acknowledged and valued. Read More >

Benefits of a student-led virtual Mini Med School
After surveying attendees of their free public health lectures in 2021 – 2022, IMP and VFMP students have published their results in the Canadian Medical Education Journal. Read More >

UBC’s MD Undergraduate Program

Learn how Canada’s first distributed MD program is improving healthcare in BC.

UVic’s Division of Medical Sciences

Visit the DMSC, the academic and medical research arm of the IMP.

The UVic Experience

Discover why UVic is ranked among the best universities in the country.