Indigenous Youth Invited to MD Admissions Workshop
Running virtually from July 28 – 30, the free Indigenous MD Admissions Workshop is open to both high school and post-secondary Indigenous students. Participants will learn about the UBC MD Undergraduate Program’s application process and curriculum, and hear from Indigenous students, graduates, and faculty on their experiences in the program. Read More >

Enroll in Mini Med School Today
Nicole Cameron, Julia De Pieri, and Alexandra Jamieson (IMP Class of 2024) will address common health topics like nutrition, exercise, and surgery in their virtual Mini Med School series. Everyone is welcome to attend these free lectures. Read More >

UBC’s MD Undergraduate Program

Learn how Canada’s first distributed MD program is improving healthcare in BC.

UVic’s Division of Medical Sciences

Visit the DMSC, the academic and medical research arm of the IMP.

The UVic Experience

Discover why UVic is ranked among the best universities in the country.