Let’s Talk Science mini-series to explore medical ethics


Join first-year student Tanner Lohr, plus Dr. Colin Macleod and Assistant Teaching Professor Klaus Jahn from UVic’s Department of Philosophy, for two talks about medical ethics. They’ll examine the following points:

  • What rights do children have over their own healthcare decisions?
  • When can a child’s desires be overridden by care providers or parents?
  • The ethics of Bill-C14: medical assistance in dying
  • Can proxy decision makers be used ethically to make decisions around medical assistance in dying?

Part 1: Rights of Minors in Healthcare Decisions

When: Thursday, May 3 @ 6 – 8pm
Where: Room 150, Medical Sciences Building, UVic (click here to see a map)

Featuring Dr. Colin Macleod, Chair of Philosophy, UVic

Part 2: The Role of Suffering and the Right to Die

When: Thursday, May 10 @ 6 – 8pm
Where: Room 150, Medical Sciences Building, UVic

Featuring Klaus Jahn, Assistant Teaching Professor, UVic

Click here to see the poster. These events are free and open to everyone. Light refreshments will be served.