Back to School Q&A – Emma Loy

Emma Loy
Canberra, Australia (now Victoria, BC)
Island Medical Program – Year 1

What inspired you to pursue your program?
In 2011, I spent three months volunteering on a boat that delivered medical services to remote parts of Papua New Guinea. At the time, I wanted to study linguistics, and thought I’d use the trip to experience a country rich in languages, but instead found myself wanting to take people’s blood pressure and carry out surgeries. However, rather than take a straightforward route to medicine, I went into journalism and also spent my summers working as a pyrotechnician. Now, I’m dusting off my old dream of becoming a doctor, and it feels like it’s finally time. But I’ll keep up a little journalism and pyrotechnic work throughout my training and beyond – they’re great outlets. The linguistics thing never worked out.

What are you looking forward to most this upcoming year?
I look forward to meeting my new classmates, moving back to Victoria, and re-learning how to memorize bucket-loads of information.

Best piece of advice?
In the words of J.R.R. Tolkein, “Deeds will not be less valiant because they are unpraised.” Oh, and my own sage advice: Sleep.

First job?
My first job was busking with my brother and cousin in a fiddle-and-accordion trio. We were super cute and made tons of money – my hourly wage then surpassed that of most jobs I’ve had since. Unfortunately, the cash dwindled as we got less cute, until eventually it was no longer a viable source of income, and I had to move on to real jobs.

What’s next on your BC bucket list?
My BC bucket list is pretty big, but the first item on it is to travel deep into the woods of Vancouver Island’s west coast to make a short documentary about some inspiring young trail-builders trying to save BC’s threatened ancient trees in a really creative way. However, the challenge won’t be getting out to these remote forests or shooting in the pouring winter rain; it’ll be finding the time!