Back to School Q&A – Emily Lehre

Emily Lerhe
Victoria, BC
Island Medical Program – Year 1

What inspired you to pursue your program?
Throughout my undergraduate degree in Human Physiology, the one career (I thought) I didn’t want to pursue was medicine. However, that completely changed when I started to volunteer for various organizations — namely a community cardiac rehabilitation program in my hometown of Victoria, BC. To observe, be a part of, and to help the human experience was both powerful and humbling. With my love of learning, chronic disease prevention, community, and charity, I realized practicing medicine is the perfect career for me to pursue my passions, expand my horizons, and give back wholeheartedly.

What are you looking forward to most this upcoming year?
Besides Camp Make Friends, I cannot wait to meet, and be inspired by, the wonderful people embarking on this journey with me, as well as the professors, staff, and health professionals who will support us along the way.

Best piece of advice?
The best piece of advice I’ve ever received was to enroll in a free online Yale University course called The Science of Well-Being. Through mindfulness, I have found greater appreciation, gratitude, and presence in my daily life, and I hope to translate these practices into my medical career. The best piece of advice I can give: everything in moderation – except for ice cream.

First job?
My first job was working at a local raw vegan restaurant for one summer. I learned how to prepare a variety of meals without heat or animal products, and it was my first opportunity working in a service-oriented role. More importantly, I learned that cashews could be made into nacho cheese and cheesecake!

What’s next on your BC bucket list?
During a road trip to Calgary this summer, I had the chance to cross off many of my BC bucket list items, including Moraine Lake, Yoho National Park, and Kelowna. Nevertheless, my BC bucket list is still quite lengthy. I’d love to make a trip to Joffre Lakes and Garibaldi Lake. On Vancouver Island, I want to hike on the West Coast Trail, Mount Albert Edward, Cape Scott, and Saturna Island. I’m always eager for a BC adventure!