Centre for Health Education Scholarship

What is Education Scholarship?

The Canadian Association for Medical Education (CAME) defines “education scholarship” as:

“… an umbrella term which can encompass both research and innovation in health professions education. Quality in education scholarship is attained through work that is: peer-reviewed, publicly disseminated, and provides a platform that others can build on.”

CHES at the Island Medical Program

Dr. Gisele Bourgeois-Law is the CHES liaison for the IMP. She can:

  • answer your questions or direct you to someone who can; and
  • link you to other researchers across the country who may be interested in the same questions you are.

If you are interested in education scholarship or have an educational research question, consider joining our IMP Education Scholars Group. The purpose of the Scholars Group is to gather like-minded people and provide resources to help grow an education scholar community on the Island.

Education Scholar Events

Three times a year, a CHES scientist or scholar is invited to the IMP to give a half-day workshop. Topics relate to medical education research and generally have a practical bent.

Past workshops have included “Writing successful medical education grants,” “Lenses in medical education research,” and “Practical aspects of qualitative research.” Workshops are accredited for Mainpro and MOC Section 1 credits. During the half-day, you can also discuss current or potential research topics with the visiting scholar.

How to Become a CHES member

CHES in UBC’s Faculty of Medicine supports health educational scholarship across the distributed medical sites. There is no cost associated with becoming a CHES member, and the application process is straightforward.

Here’s what you’ll get as a CHES member:

  • Formal association with a community of practice
  • Opportunities to network and form research teams
  • Access to successful grants, ethics applications, CHES Research Round recordings, and more
  • Opportunities for peer review.

Interested in more about medical education journals and grants, conferences, and research? Find it here.